Three Year Old Experience

“Our three year old unit is well established and has proven to be very successful. These little ones learn and develop so quickly, and it is always remarkable to see the changes in them at the end of the school year.”

Our Classrooms

Our classrooms are designed for learning with spaces to accommodate large and small groups, individual work, and messy play. Children engage in activities and centres that interest them most including pretend play, building activities, math and science, art, sensory play and writing. Students' days are structured into a routine of teacher-led activities, which focus on building their social skills, language skills, numeracy skills, gross and fine motor skills.

Our Structured Routines

Children learn best through play and as such activities are structured for this. During the structured play sessions, every child is busy exploring their learning needs with the assistance of their teachers. Equipment is continually being upgraded to ensure that these students are given every opportunity and experience to help them develop to their potential. These students begin to learn about letters and sounds and start to develop fine motor skills to help prepare them for writing.

Physical Exercise

Playing outdoors every day is essential for children's health and wellbeing. Every morning our students go out either on the field, tennis court or in the playground and take part in Physical Education (P.E.) classes. This allows the students to get fresh air and physical exercise. The afternoons are spent creating, learning about the world around us and exploring the world of science.

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