Prep Department

Besides the all-important acquisition of language, we are always so pleased to watch our students grow to become more independent learners, discover how to be good friends and navigate their way through the many social and emotional challenges that are part of the growing up experience.” 

Prep 1 Our Three Year Old Unit (Pre-K)

The three-year-old unit is a separate unit consisting of its own bathrooms and play areas. Each class is supervised by a teacher and a teacher's assistant. Our teachers create a warm and nurturing learning environment that allows students to flourish. Our Classrooms are designed for learning with spaces to accommodate large and small groups, individual work, and messy play. Children engage in activities and centres that interest them most include pretend play, blocks, math and science, art, sensory play and writing. Students' days are structured into a routine of teacher-led activities, which focus on building their social skills, language skills, numeracy skills, gross and fine motor skills.

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Prep 2, Prep 3 & Prep 4

This is the first stage of primary education and covers ages 4 - 7. It is at this stage students begin the acquisition of language through our Language Arts programme. Daily Reading activities, our Volunteer Reading and Book Lending programme help our students to gain confidence as they navigate into the world of literacy.

Numeracy and Mathematics allow students to understand the composition of numbers and how to apply this knowledge to many aspects of this subject.

In the Prep Department

Besides the all-important social and emotional learning that is carefully structured into their days, students also explore Science, History, Geography, Art, Music, Physical Education (P.E.) and learn through creative STEM and STEAM activities. These classes are in close proximity to the two equipped playgrounds and the field.

In the Prep Department

Our Prep students take part in their very own Sports day and always participate in the many Spirit days held throughout the year. They have whole group assemblies in the Hall and often perform for their parents at Christmas time. There are activities in our after school programme (SWAP) specifically geared to these little ones.

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