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The School consists of about 570 pupils and is divided into three departments, Prep, Junior and Senior. The department heads and Deputy Principal report directly to the Principal. Pupil leaders at St Winifred's consist of the Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl, House Captains and Vice Captains, Games Captains, Prefect team and members of the Student Council.

Prep Dep​artment

Prep Department (ages 3-6 yrs) - Our curriculum is constantly being adapted and enhanced to ensure that it is exciting and activity based, aimed at allowing our children to develop self-confidence and an enthusiasm for learning. Individual, small group, and whole class activities make up each school day. Classrooms are kept to an average of twenty students and learning support is available.

Junior Department

Junior Department (ages 7-11 yrs) - We aim to keep the students engaged in their learning; they work individually as well as collaboratively. Assessments vary from weekly tests, continuous assessment or project-based assignments. There is no Friday homework up to Junior 3. Classrooms are kept to an average of 20 students and learning support is available as needed. Our students do extremely well at the national level, outperforming the national average in both Math and English, our students consistently  placing in the top ten of the island's secondary school entrance examination.

Senior Department

Senior Department/Secondary (ages 11-16) - Students do a range of subjects their first three years and then select which subjects are to be done at examination level for Forms Four and Five. St. Winifred's students traditionally perform extremely well at the CXC CSEC level with an annual average pass rate of 97%. We have had students who have placed in the top ten regional honours list. The majority of our students go on to tertiary education where they also perform at a high standard.

Technology at SWS

Technology at SWS - Our cloud-based platform, called the Link, gives parents access to their child's school profile, test dates and homework assignments. Seniors have their own user accounts. There is school wide Wi-Fi, SMART TVs in all classrooms and two fully equipped computer labs. With the onset of the pandemic, when we were forced to work virtually, the school began to use Google Classroom. In 2021 we introduced Student Wi-Fi in the Senior Department to allow teachers and students to continue to take advantage of the tools available in Google Classroom and online. 

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