Yes. Students from Junior 1 and up wear a school uniform and a specific P.E. uniform. Our Preps only have a school uniform.  

Yes, from Prep 1 through to Form 5.

The youngest age to start is 3 years old. We are so very pleased with our Three-Year-Old Unit (Prep 1) which is completely self-contained and heavily staffed to ensure the most positive experience for these little ones. 

Yes, we can accept in term 1 or term 2 but generally not during term 3.

As long as we have space, we accept applications however application for the 3-year-old class (Prep 1) and the 4-year-old class (Prep 2) are processed in the October of the year prior to entering.

Students have music classes from as early as Prep 2.  From Junior 1 they play the recorder.

We are constantly seeking to enhance our activities. Some of these include Tennis, Cricket, Netball, Football, Athletics, Fencing, Table Tennis, Karate, Yoga, Mini Dance, Jazz, Ballet, Archery, Hockey and Kids Club. We are in the process of exploring Coding and a Robotics Club, as well as restarting Sailing.

Preps – the Preps have a fee of approx. $270 which covers stationery and supplies, workbooks, exercise books and the book rental scheme. This is paid in term 1 only.

Juniors – To ease the cost to parents in the purchase of textbooks, the Junior students have a textbook rental scheme. The fee of $50 paid in term 1.

Seniors – the Senior students have a government textbook rental fee of $75 plus a locker fee of $25

Other activities like SWAP (the St. Winifred’s School After School Programme) are additional cost ranging from $60 to $200 per term, depending on the activity chosen. 

 Fees are reviewed yearly, for more information please email the Admin Department at

Although our Curriculum is guided by the Ministry of Education’s syllabus for both Primary and Secondary schools, our school enhances this with enrichment classes as well as extra-curricular.

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