Here are a few memories shared recently

Easter Term of 1971 (shared by Jenny Evelyn)

“The 4th formers held a netball match between teachers and senior school students as a fund raiser. Their goal was to raise funds for a gym mat.”

The Legacy Lives

“My memories of SWS are beautiful from beginning to end. It started in George Street but quickly moved to Pine Hill, where we had “Hall” or morning prayers under the enormous tree. There is so much I could say but it would take too long. However, I must tell you what my last day was like. Miss Laborde was headmistress at the time and word had gotten around that I had chosen to get a marriage certificate instead of an academic one. When I went to the staff room to say goodbye, there was an arch formed headed by Miss Laborde, and they were all singing “Here comes the Bride” as loud as they could. Needless to say, there were a lot of tears from laughter and crying. It was just so very beautiful, I have never forgotten it. A great finish to my wonderful school years at SWS. My heart continues to be there, having had 3 daughters there, then 4 grandsons, this term will find 4 great grands there. I feel extremely blessed and can only ask God ‘s continued blessings on “my” school, the staff, students, parents and all who work so hard to keep it where it is.”  – Shared by June Fielding (nee Bethell)

Pictured below: June’s grandson Brett, his wife Laura and their two children – all St. Winfred’s former and/or present students. 

Dorothy Fraser wrote -
“I went to St. Winifred's school in the mid forties.  My name at that time was Dorothy Patricia Cummins.  I have many happy memories and still have friends from that time.  We had to take part in a sport and I was not very good at sports.  I chose tennis, still not very good at it.  My granddaughter Lauren Boland is a student at St. Winifred's now and her sister Melissa also was a student. Happy 100th Anniversary to a great school.”


Shared by Valerie Toppin - Graduated 1966 


Carolyn Lewis shared a photo of the school badges that she still has today.
She was a Head Girl (1961).

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