Our History

Founded in 1921 SWS has sought to maintain good values and traditions while adapting and changing to meet the needs of our ever-changing educational journey. From its humble beginnings at a little schoolhouse in Belleville, and a roll of 22 girls, the school has continued to expand and refine itself with each new decade of change. Today we have established ourselves at the forefront of the island’s educational landscape.

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Our Mission

To provide quality education in a safe, caring learning environment where students are challenged to attain their maximum potential and become contributing members of the global community.

Our Vision

Our school vision was created collectively in 2016 by our teachers. It speaks to the passion with which our lessons are planned and taught, and the experiences we want to give the students in the classroom.

Our vision is to have students who are engaged, challenged, motivated, valued, happy. 

Goals and Objectives

The tradition of our school has always been the development of the whole person

Activities and assemblies focus on developing important character skills including empathy, integrity, respect for others and self, responsibility, honesty, compassion and perseverance.

Photo of Miss Seale – Founder of St. Winifred’s School.

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