Honour Roll

In 2019 SWS developed an Honour Roll programme for its Senior students. In keeping with the spirit of excellence our school upholds, we wanted to applaud the success of those who could meet the criteria for the Honour Roll.

The criteria for making the Honour Roll encompasses four key components:

  • academic standing – each tier has its particular criteria
  • good deportment
  • participation in extra-curricular activities
  • participation in our volunteer programme

Awards vary for each level but include items such as:

  • Honour Roll certificates
  • Honour Roll pins
  • Honour Roll school ties
  • Honour Roll plaques.

The three tiers for Honour Roll are:

  • General Honour Roll
  • Honour Roll with Distinction
  • Principal’s Award of Excellence

Student Rewards - Prep & Junior Departments

In these departments, students receive certificates or other forms of recognition that explore many areas, not only of performance and aptitude but also character traits.

Awards each term may include Great Class Citizen, Kindness Award, Integrity, Helpfulness, Great Effort and Perseverance just to mention a few. We want our students to feel a sense of accomplishment no matter their individual challenges. 

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